Welding and machining equipment

We have the following equipment at EKS:

  • Numerical control machining centre
  • Mickran XYZ-122X600X700 with fourth axle
  • Mickran XYZ-1200X600X700 with fourth axle
  • Pilot XYZ-100X600X600
  • Kasto automatic saw
  • Two 2400X1200 welding tables
  • One 4000X2400 welding table
  • Five semi-automatic water-cooled welding stations
  • Four ACDC Tig water-cooled welding stations
  • 6-tonne overhead crane
  • One forklift truck
  • Two radial drills
  • One fixed spot-welding machine
  • One mobile welding machine
  • One 15 m3 van